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-IT Solutions-Service & Repair: We offer efficient repair and support services at reasonable prices, all Guaranteed to customer's request and manufacturer's specification. Our professional technicians have over 15 years of experience in installing and repairing hardware and software.

-Structured & Restructured Cabling: Without the right partner, your network installation can cause a big disconnect. Our Structured Cabling Installations are done on time, on budget and on your terms which include, but are not limited to: linking clients to new revenue streams, plugging in to valuable marketing opportunities and wiring for a more streamlined business with a bigger bottom line. 

-Voice/IP Installations & Service: Your phone system is an important part of your business. It projects the voice of your business and helps you conduct business anywhere, anytime.  We specialize in VoIP installations, servicing as well using your existing infrastructure to be cost effective.  

-Critical after hours Service: On-call after hours emergency support is available outside normal business hours.  The service is available for wide-scale outages and impact to business operations. To receive emergency support call 877-463-2888 and follow the directions to leave a message. The Help Desk on-call agent will quickly return your call.

-Project Management / IT Consulting: Effective Project Management in a small business means reaching the project goals on time and within budget, despite having fewer resources. It involves identifying which project management methods to apply to further project goals while bearing costs in mind.  We provide quality IT Consulting as well as Project Management Services whereby we use tools that simplify collaboration and use a combination of high-quality reporting for successful implementation.

-Network Care-Integrations & Management: We provide professional network integration services and network support services. 

-Wireless Network Support: We also facilitate Internet connectivity, Virtual Private Networks, and Wide Area Networking to maximize the potential of the Internet which results in consistent and efficient Wi-Fi performance.  


-Firewall and Network Protection: A firewall helps protect your computer from hackers who intend to access your information, crash your computer, or even conduct theft of passwords, customer data or credit card/account numbers.  Our technicians provide you with enterprise level firewall technology to protect your infrastructure.  

-Antivirus Solutions: We work hard to eliminate the threats to your IT infrastructure by providing state of the art Antivirus Solutions which not only addresses the issue but also we update software and definitions to stay ahead of virus threats.  

-Malware Protection & Removal: Nothing can be more frustrating than business interruption due to your site getting hacked or hi-jacked costing you time, money and affecting customers.  We offer reliable Malware Protection and Removal Services, while keeping your business needs at the forefront

-Spam Protection: Our team installs top of the line spam protection software that keeps up to date protection to detect unsolicited and unwanted email and prevent those messages from getting to a user's inbox. This curb the influx of spam and free up your inbox for messages you actually want.

-Web/Content Filtering: Our Web and content Filtering tools give you control over the sites your users have access to.  The filtering system automatically detects and blocks inappropriate content to protect your infrastructure from any other threats.  

-Security Consulting: Information security has become an incredibly, complex and challenging task for most small businesses.  We provide security consulting to help you close the gaps and arm you for the threats to your business operations.  We will customize and tailor a complete suite of security products based on your needs while keeping costs in mind.  We provide strategic solutions with the right mix of services, technology and products to build an effective line of defense for your business. 


-Mobile Office/Remote Access: We assist in making your business accessible to you at your fingertips.  From helping build a Mobile Office to accessing your business remotely from anywhere in the world, we offer solutions which help you increase productivity.We ensure a secure connection for you and your end users to get access to files and software easily.  

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